Neurosurgery is a field of medicine that invites an immense amount of skill and expertise. Ailments that involve the brain and nervous system are critical to handle, and deserve nothing but the best quality of treatment. Dr. Anil Dhingra – who is a renowned as the best neurosurgeon in Chandigarh has all the expertise, and an enormous amount of experience in treating even the most complex cases related to Neuro and spine problems.

Here are some of the services that are offered at Dr. Dhingra:

Brain/Spinal Tumor Surgery

The cases of brain tumors and tumors in the spine have been on a rise, and the cases not being handled properly often leads to irreversible complications. Dr. Anil Dhingra is a spine specialist in Chandigarh at handling such cases, having conducted a large number of brain tumor surgeries in his long and illustrious career.

Head Injury Management

Head injury is often reported in cases of road accidents. In fact, the main cause of death in road accidents is some kind of injury to the head. Such cases require immediate expert treatment to save a life. At Dr. Dhingra, we are an authority when it comes to managing and healing head injuries.

Brain Hemorrhage Management

Brain Hemorrhage is another brain ailment that has seen a rapid incline in the past few years. The cases of Brain Hemorrhage are increasing every day, due to multiple factors. One should immediately consult a good neurologist in case of symptoms of a brain hemorrhage.

Back & Neck Pain

Now, these are very common problems, that require expert treatment! Nearly every person out there has experienced some form of back and neck pain in his or her life. There are also cases of acute pain in these areas, which can be the symptom of a serious problem. Therefore. Back and neck pain also invites to be treated by the best-qualified doctors, for a long and sustaining relief.

Dr. Dhingra also treats several other mild and acute ailments and complications of the brain and associated nervous system. You can book an appointment or pay us a visit right away!