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Dr. Anil Dhingra (Spine Surgeon in Chandigarh / Neurosurgeon in Chandigarh) is a specialist in brain, spine, and peripheral nervous system surgery.

This medical professional is a renowned name in the field of neurology. This field in particular is known to be highly complex and to handle areas of the body that involve the brain and the spine requires for an immense amount of skill and study.

This practitioner has studied in one of the most applauded institutes. After being in the medical space for a considerable number of years, he has always looked to find more advanced methodologies to treat patients.

It is through pure passion for one’s work that Dr. Anil Dhingra (Paras Hospital) goes an extra mile to discover more accurate and in some times less invasive ways of surgery.

Being a Endoscopic Spine Surgeon in Chandigarh, he is known to engage in numerous medical discussions and conferences that concern this field of medicine specifically as well as others.

Neurosurgeon in Tricity

Our Service

Anil Dhingra (Paras Hospital) ,a spine specialist at Mohali seeks to offer patients the best quality of life, in the best way possible. Some health issues that would come under this Neurosurgeon in tricity area of medicine would include, headache management, stroke treatment, spinal disorders, vascular brain diseases,paralysis, CSF rhinorrhoea repair surgery among many.

Endoscopic spine surgeon in Chandigarh
Head injury management
Spine Specialist in Chandigarh
Back pain & Neck pain
Spine Specialist in Chandigarh
Sciatica treatment
Best Brain Surgeon in Chandigarh
Spine fractures / trauma
Best Brain Surgeon in Chandigarh
Spinal tumor surgery
Spine Surgeon in Chandigarh
CVJ anomalies Spinal TB
Spine Surgeon in Chandigarh
Neurosurgeon in Tricity
Nerve root injections
Neurosurgeon in Tricity
Brain tumors. (Open/ endoscopic brain surgery)
Endoscopic spine surgeon in Chandigarh
Aneurysm surgery /Aneurysm coiling
Spine Specialist in Chandigarh
Expert in Endoscopic spine surgery
Brain hemorrhage management

Successful Brain Surgery

Age is just a number when it comes to the power of determination and modern healthcare. Our beloved 101-year-old mother underwent successful brain surgery for a chronic subdural hemorrhage and made a remarkable recovery in just three days! Overcoming drowsiness and paralysis, she’s now able to walk independently at home. We believe in the power of medical excellence and has always been dedicated to providing the best care possible for all our patients.




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