An aggressive type of cancer that occurs in the brain or the spinal cord is called Glioblastoma. Another name for this type of cancer is Glioblastoma multiforme (GBM). It is caused by a group of tumors called Astrocytomas that are star-shaped cells responsible for the nourishment and support of the nerve cells (neurons) in the brain. Dr. Anil Dhingra, Endovascular Neurosurgeon in Chandigarh, attempts to create awareness amongst the masses about this malignant brain tumor.


According to the location of the Brain tumor, the symptoms can vary. However, there are a few common symptoms –

Persistent Headaches
Double or blurred vision
Loss of appetite
Changes in mood or personality
Difficulty in thinking and learning
Difficulty in speaking


Neurological exam – A neurologist can give you a complete exam. Imaging tests like CT, positron emission tomography (PET) or MRI Scan may also be necessary.


• Surgery – A neurosurgeon can operate to remove the glioblastoma with the aim of removing as much of the tumor as possible. Additional surgery might be required to remove the tumor from the remaining cells as glioblastoma grows into the normal brain tissue.

• Radiation Therapy – The high energy beams such as X-Rays or protons that are used in Radiation Therapy can kill cancer cells. Mostly after surgery, radiation therapy is recommended alongside Chemotherapy.

• Chemotherapy – The use of drugs to kill cancer cells is called Chemotherapy. Sometimes, a thin circular wafer containing medicine is placed in the brain during the procedure. As the wafer dissolves, medicine is released killing the cancer cells.

• Targeted Drug Therapy – These are drugs that directly attack the abnormalities in the cancer cells that allow them to thrive causing them to die.

While it is very rare for this type of tumor to spread to other parts of the body but, it can grow very fast in the brain itself as these cells can copy themselves quickly. Dr. Anil Dhingra, the best Surgeon in Panchkula, hopes to enlighten the readers about illnesses such as Glioblastoma so they can be more careful about their health.