Nowadays several people are suffering from mental disorders. Among these disorders, depression is the most common problem. But do you know you can come out of this condition even without medication?

Family responsibilities, work pressure, distance in personal relationships due to social media, sleeplessness, poor diet routine, wish to get successful early etc. are some of the reasons which give birth to mental disorders like depression. In such conditions mostly people take help from mental health specialists. They also take medication for this. But if your depression is in its initial stage, you can get out of this condition without medicines. 

According to  Dr Anil Dhingra, the Best Brain Surgeon in Chandigarh and Tricity suggests some changes in your daily routine that can help you recover from your mental condition and overcome depression. Let’s take a look at some things you can do.

  • Get Sufficient Sleep

Good sleep is directly related to mental health. If you are not getting sufficient sleep, you will not be able to control your emotions. Therefore for a depressed patient, sufficient sleep is required. For this, create a soothing environment in your room, keep your bed clean, and switch off the surrounding gadgets. You should also set your sleeping and waking up timings for better sleep.

  • Take Caffeine in Small Amounts

Things like soda, tea, coffee, chocolate etc. possess caffeine. Intake of caffeine can help you from depression. But you should not intake too much caffeine. It must also be avoided during late night. The habit of caffeine can also result in several health-related difficulties. Therefore, as the symptoms reduce, try to get rid of caffeine as well steadily.

  • Exercise Daily

Exercise does not only mean cardio or heavy workouts. You can do a low-intensity workout for just half an hour daily. This will help you in your physical and mental development. Fresh air and sunshine help keep your kind fresh and this will eliminate the risk of depression as well.

  • Take Vitamin D

As per several studies deficiency of Vitamin D somehow enhances the risk of depression. So, you must intake a sufficient amount of vitamin D. For this you should take benefit from sun rays regularly along with adding vitamin D-rich foods to your diet. If required you can also take vitamin D supplements.


You must take depression seriously and never ignore any of its symptoms as suggested by Dr. Dhingra, the best Neurosurgeon in Chandigarh. This ailment, if recognized timely, can be figured out smoothly without much effort. Also follow the above tips if you are suffering from this mental health problem as these will help you in a great way and many of you can cure it 100% without even medication.